e premte, 13 korrik 2007

Sweet Remains

The lovely, talented, and vivacious Diana Falchuk has an art show at Crawl Space Gallery that closes this weekend. If you don't check it out between noon and 5 this Saturday/Sunday, you'll be missing an opportunity to have your optical neurons tickled by some of the most beguiling and inventive sculptural works you're likely to see in a Seattle art gallery this year. Check out what the Stranger's Jen Graves has to say about it here.

Diana (full disclosure: she's my girlfriend) takes old bits of organic matter, scraps of fabric, and other detritus, and works them into tiny hybrids and conglomerations that defy description. I've spent some time at Crawl Space while the show is running and I have to say, this is the type of work makes people stop and scrutinize and invent little narratives for each of the pieces and generally just leave the gallery all stimulated and bemused. Check It Out, Folks.

Sweet Remains: Diana Falchuk

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