e hënë, 25 shkurt 2008

search logs

Every once in awhile, I check the ol' sitemeter just to see who's been clicking here, and from where, and why. One thing I've noticed is that I get an inordinate amount of hits from people who are doing an image search for the term "banana hammock." What refers them here is this post, in which I mention the fact that I am appearing at Owen Straw's now-defunct monthly comedy show at the ReBar on my birthday. The show was called "Owen Straw's Banana Hammock."

The thing is, my blog probably gets fully a quarter of its hits from people doing a Google image search for "banana hammock." So I just wanted to take this opportunity to say "banana hammock" on my blog a few more times, just in case I'm missing out on that last scrap of the demographic of people who want to see men in ridiculous European swim suits. So there you have it: Banana Hammock Banana Hammock Banana Hammock