e shtunë, 30 qershor 2007

Banana Hammock

Here's how I'll be spending July 10th, my 32nd birthday: performing onstage at the ReBar alongside some of Seattle's most shit-hot comedians at Owen Straw's Banana Hammock!

e premte, 29 qershor 2007

Didja Know?

It's true: about 99.97% of all webcomics are just terrible. For every one Achewood, there's about 1000 creepy manga fanboy webcomics about furry transgendered orc-rape. Now, the thing is, I probably wouldn't have ever realized how entertaining this utterly repellent drivel could be if it weren't for someone starting a blog with the express purpose of ridiculing said webcomics. If you're into that sort of thing, go check out Your Webcomic Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad.

e enjte, 28 qershor 2007

Sean Ottey Speaks

This is Number Two in a series of guest comics by Seattle standup comedy luminaries. This one is by a WholeNewDrag friend and favorite, Sean Ottey. (Sidenote: I will be performing with Sean at Dave's Tavern in Milton, WA on Saturday night. If you're in the area of Milton and happen to be out on bail, come see us!)

e martë, 19 qershor 2007

The Fist-Pumping Schmidts

The first in a continuing series of guest-hosted strips. Thanks to the author,Matt Schmidt

Comedy Show Fri 29th

For my Seattle friends:

I will be performing at the Faire Gallery Cafe FRIDAY JUNE 29th. It's on Capitol Hill, near the Olive off-ramp.

I'll be joined by your host for the evening, Blue from Harlem, along with the enigmatic Carrington, the amazing Aziza Diaz, the explosive Derek Sheen, the irrepressible Andy Haynes, and the inimitable Owen Straw. It's a pants-crappingly hilarious cavalcade of funny comics, folks.

e martë, 12 qershor 2007


Seattle Standup

Here's my pal Sean Ottey's website. He's a funny guy and he posts alot about local comedy shows, being sure to make it sound like we kill packed houses, night after night. It's hard work, folks.

Another Recc

Towering above the vast wasteland of drivel that is the Internet, there stands one webcomic, mighty and imposing on the horizon, a beacon of pure and delirious hilarity. If you are a person who values mirth and you have not yet read this webcomic, rend your garments, o ye people, for you are about to be introduced to one of my favorite things:


Good webcomix

I've really been enjoying this guy's work lately:

Goodbye, Foom

e diel, 10 qershor 2007

e enjte, 7 qershor 2007

Dept. of Batshit Crazy Racists

I found this on a telephone pole near my house on Wallingford Ave. What is this, Alabama 1963? p.s. the website advertised is truly nutcakes.